Why it’s best not to blow your own trumpet

When it comes to trying to sell your products, I see too many merchants resorting to blowing their own trumpets.

To put this in context, this is how Urban Dictionary describes “blowing your own trumpet”:

“When you blow your own trumpet you boast, and speak very proudly and positively about yourself”.

The problem with this is talk is cheap, and it’s too easy to talk about how good you are… even if it’s true.

And to the average consumer this sort of talk is a turn off, more than anything else. It just makes the merchant look desperate and needy.

Instead you’re better off talking about results or successes that have occurred from the product or service you’re selling.

A demonstration being the way to prove yourself.

But what’s even better than this is to have other customers/clients endorse you.

Because it’s far more convincing hearing other people talk you up, than yourself doing it.

In e-commerce it’s all about company and product reviews… and the more of them the better.

With company reviews, this includes:

  • Google Trusted Store
  • Google Customer Reviews
  • Google My Business Reviews

With product reviews you want Google Product Reviews.

All of these are different things, but they are part of the Google ecosystem… and mandatory for every e-commerce business to include.

The idea is to set up automation to get as many people as possible to leave you reviews. This shows an abundance of social proof to customers who are on the fence about buying.

Because without this social proof, you’ll struggle to gain the trust of your prospects.

For them it will feel like you’re a new store. And consumers tend to prefer established businesses that have a proven history.

It’s yet another thing you can do to improve your conversion rates and get the most out of your hard earned traffic.

The problem is… figuring out how to set this up is confusing and time consuming.

Which means you really have two choices.

You can either put in the hard yards and do it all yourself…

Or you can hire someone who does this day in and day out… and does it properly.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help set up reviews on your site (and in Google’s search engine) then here’s where to contact me: