Why e-Commerce is like a game of Pacman

As a kid in the 80’s I loved playing Pacman.

Sure, it was quite basic by today’s standards, but I liked it that way.

All you had to do was move around eating the dots, and avoid getting eaten by ghosts.

But when you ate one of the huge dots, you suddenly became invincible for a short period, and then had the rare opportunity of eating the ghosts. The transformation was a polar opposite.

One moment you’d be living in fear, and the next you’d be ready to dominate everything in your path.

And when it comes to e-commerce many merchants are permanently stuck in fear… because they can’t make paid advertising profitable.

Often they have no idea what the lifetime value of their customers is, and if they are spending too much to acquire their customers.

Plus, when it comes to knowing their return on their adspend, they have zero clue.

It’s just too hard.

Quite often the numbers don’t add up…  with the consequences to the business sometimes being fatal.

So what’s the answer for merchants who are struggling with their paid advertising?

It’s to hire PPC experts who not only understand how to make PPC profitable, but can also show you PRECISELY how much money you are making for every advertising dollar you invest.

Because when you’re in this position, you become invincible… just like Pacman after eating the huge dots.

And the good news is… this is exactly what Performance Ecommerce provides for you.

We start by setting you up with Google Shopping campaigns, then introduce Google Search, and then work hard to optimise and refine both your Adwords account data and your shopping cart processes.

But best of all, we charge on commission only… so if you don’t make money, then neither do we. You can’t get any fairer than that.

Everything is based purely on return on investment… which is the way it should be.

And it’s the way Pacman would approach his PPC advertising too.

However, to qualify you need to have an established store, and also products that meet Google Merchant Center’s specifications.

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