The worst dressed applicant who got the job

There’s a classic scene from the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness, that illustrates how important a first impression can be.

Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, a single guy down on his luck and homeless, who is trying to build a decent life for himself and his five year old son.

Anyway, he manages to get an interview for a stockbroking intern job… but disaster strikes the day before while busy painting his house.

The cops arrive to arrest him for unpaid parking fines and put him in jail for the night.

He manages to arrive on time for the interview, but doesn’t get time to change from the clothes he was wearing while painting.

Long story short, he arrives looking like a mess (with paint in his hair and no shirt on), but manages to sweet talk the panel who are interviewing him.

What seals it is when he is asked…

“What would you say if a guy walked in for an interview without a shirt on and I hired him… what would you say?”

To which he replied…

“He must have had on some really nice pants”

The end result was he got the job.

And when it comes to e-commerce, it’s a great idea to wow new visitors to your website, especially if it’s paid traffic.

Because first impressions count. And the harsh truth is they are far more likely to buy from a company they already know, like and trust.

So what can you do?

Well, one suggestion is to offer a discount coupon ONLY to first time visitors who visit your site, and tell them it is a limited time offer.

Now, I know some people don’t like giving discounts.

But it’s worth losing a little bit of margin to bring in a new customer… who will likely buy from you again, if they have a good experience the first time.

It’s called a loss leader.

And to set this up, you need pop-up software which is capable to be set to:

  • Display only to first time visitors, and
  • Display only when they show exit intent (or after they have already been on the site for a decent period of time.)

As long as the offer is irresistible enough you should find this strategy works well for you.

Either way, it’s at least worth testing.

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